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Hello everyone. This week, I want to use the preface to tell you about a just released documentary on Netflix that everyone using the Internet should watch. It is called “The Social Dilemma” and brilliantly covers the risk of Social Media for humanity. I think it should make us all reflect when former engineers of the tech giants advise against their own systems. My opinion on this: A system that is designed to maximise the time spent on our screens cannot benefit our society. Or as they put it: „If you don‘t pay for the product, you are the product“…

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Hello everyone. Remembered this GPT-3 model many were so hyped about? Finally, OpenAI has published an initial pricing scheme and I am curious on what you think about it. It is definitely a first of a kind and many new serivces in the same area will follow. Check out the details below and also make sure to check out the other articles. I always try to improve this weekly newsletter, you help me a lot if you take a quick look at the survey at the very end :)

Table of Contents

  • 📰 GPT-3 Pricing Scheme
  • 🎓 Image Similarity Search in PyTorch
  • 🎓…

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Hello everyone. I hope you all had a pleasant week. A lot of the news this week was overshadowed by the announcements of Elon Musk’s Neuralink. And while this is not a typical machine learning topic, I’m looking forward to the future progress and especially to the ethical issues that will arise. If you have missed the presentation, I can recommend this short summary. Anyway, here’s your weekly dose of machine learning, have fun!

Table of Contents

  • 💿 Objax
  • 🔧 TF-Coder
  • 💿 Danfo.js
  • 🎓 vcubingx: The Neural Network, A Visual Introduction
  • 🌍 Using Machine Learning to Detect Deficient Coverage in Colonoscopy Screenings

💿 Objax

Objax = Object + JAX


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Hello you lovers of machine learning! I chose to use this preface to talk about lifelong learning. Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”. Learning nowadays is a never ending process that goes beyond graduation. In a world where rapid progress is made on a daily basis, it is not easy to keep up with the times. But it is necessary in order to stay succesful. And it is a lot of fun! So keep it up!

Table of Contents

  • 📰 Release of fastai v2
  • 🎓 KerasTuner Tutorial
  • 🏆…

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Hello, everyone. I hope you’re all well. Once again, I have some very good news and resources for you and your journey towards improving in machine learning. Tensorflow has published a nice tutorial on Autoencoder, HuggingFace has impressed the Twitter community with its new Zero-Shot classifier and there is a new paper that allows to realistically simulate and visualize tennis matches. And many more!

🎓 Autoencoders with Tensorflow

Josh Gordon has published a tutorial on Autoencoders with Tensorflow in which he describes the architecture and presents the applications directly in an interactive notebook.

For the part about anomaly detection, there is another great interactive…

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Hello, everyone. We have many new faces here this week, so first of all I would like to welcome everyone. I am grateful for the rapid growth of this newsletter. If you like it, please recommend it to your friends.

I chose the globe as the icon for this week because we have many real world machine learning applications this week. I think that’s great, because you can only benefit from a technology if you transfer the theoretical knowledge to the practical problems around the world.

🔊 Practical AI

Practial AI is a podcast about the application of the more theoretical topic of…

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Hello everybody, I hope your last week was a great week! A lot has definitely happened in the machine learning landscape. Both Tensorflow and PyTorch have released their new version with many great improvements, we have a new inspiring podcast on the list, and other great news for you. So let’s get started right away!

📰 Tensorflow 2.3

The new Tensorflow 2.3 version has finally been released. Among the many changes one can read at the release notes, I want to highlight my personal favorites:

  • Getting your data into the system has never been easier! You can now directly create a from…

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In a world where continuous learning has never been more important than now, large knowledge resources are the key to success. Fortunately, you can find a lot of great content that is also available for free. I want to save you the trouble of finding them in the depths of the Internet, so I have compiled this list of free knowledge resources for you.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the listed services. The list shown was created for free knowledge education only and its order has no special meaning.

Khan Academy

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Recently, I was reading an article about the perfect time to publish your story on Medium. The author claimed, that there are always better and worse times to publish your article. But is this true? Are there even more important factors affecting the traffic you will receive? What does it look like compared to other social networks?

In this article, I will try to answer these questions and show you how you can maximize the number of viewers on your Medium posts.

Where the Medium traffic comes from

When I was first thinking about this question, I looked at my story statistics. …

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I am not going to lie. This one rule will let you achieve all your dreams. I know that this is quite a daring thesis. but I will prove my point.

Sticking to this one single rule for the rest of your life will transform you from a dreamer into a believer, from a procrastinator into an achiever. Your own self-esteem will rise, and other people will treat you differently.

So here it comes:

Complete every single task that is scheduled for today in your to-do list. Every single day, without any excuses.

You might think this is obvious, but…

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